International travel girl

Would you like to meet me, but you won't visit Moscow? I am glad to tell you that I can go to world travel.

I am available to visit your business trip journey or escape vacation somewhere. Travel alone is always worse than travel with someone, and if your partner seductive sweet lady is a double pleasure.

Please be kind to read about my travel exclusive packages, check my gifts and countries where I travel before contacting me to avoid disappointment. As I value my time and yours.

I'm available to fly to you with a minimum of an overnight engagement. I'd love to spend the evening in your city and see all the places you truly adore as well as spend plenty of time between the sheets. I also inspired to discover new places with an elegant male companion.  



Well, consideration:



travel fees aren't included in these prices.


night or day 24 hours    |  $1000   |  1000 euro


       two days 48 hrs weekend  |  $ 1600   |  1600  euro


   3 days   $ 2000    2000 euro


  4 days    | $ 2500  |      2500euro


 5 days    |  $ 2800   |    2800euro


 6 days    |  $ 3000  |    3000 euro






If you want to contact me, leave your suggestion or call. You can also send a text message on WhatsApp or phone.  (I do not call back).

I always prefer to know each other beforehand. What we can determine whether we are approaching each other.   After all, I want you to in the company with me, you feel as comfortable as possible.


- I prefer an advance agreement. But I also happy about the surprising invitation.

- 20-40% of the required deposit, depends on the duration, country, and personal conditions. That will give me confidence in your seriousness. Only after that, I prepare for our meeting.

- Return tickets (from  Moscow / to Moscow). I can prepare myself if you add ticket expenses.

- Hotel accommodation 

- Your personal data:

Name, surname, citizenship, nationality ( or copy of your ID);

Date, location, time, duration;  Any other about.... your wishes and requirements.


*Some of my thoughts:  A lot of gentlemen have contacted me with requires travel without deposit. I found for the many people that's the problem, they afraid to pay in advance ( even its a small amount), but they don't afraid to buy the tickets (even sometimes you can back it). Where is the logic? If someone will decide to trick you'll lose the spent ticket amount. I don't know any elegant and sophisticated escort girl ready to travel without a small guarantee.

 I ask a minimum down payment, usually this amount I compare with the price of the ticket from the country I go to. I heard not good stories about not honest gentlemen from some of my escort friends. You are afraid to be scammed, I am afraid too.  

However, I would like to say, I made some international trips without a prior deposit, it was not a long flight and gentlemen bought for me the business/first-class flight.   







All Schengen countries ( have a lot of valid days till 03. 2020) 

exp: Austria, Belgium, Czech, Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein...


Countries do not require a visa: exp. Maldives, Cuba, Seychelles, Turkey, Montenegro, Saint Lucia, Thailand, Tunisia, Hong Kong, Israel, etc


I don't have US / English / Australian / Canada / Japan visas.

Sparked in interest to invite me to the US. Only for generous gentlemen ready to send me 500$ for a visa ( I never tried) and I can't give a guarantee, but in case of successful getting, I'll be so happy to visit you.



 Asian countries: Chine +100$ for a visa.

P.S. I have a Russian passport.





The time starts when we first meet, I do not consider the time of flight, even if it will be long. Any additional expenses such as accommodation and food, entertainments, and also flight are paid by you. These rates only for international companionship. All donations only for my company and time.


Let's know each other & discover the world together!