Jun 25 2016

Independents or Agencies?

Why to meet with a personal escort is better way to invite girl or what are the differences between an independent and agency services?


If you open the escort classifieds on Internet, deferently you'll find huge numbers of offers, especially in Russia. About what you've never thought:


Priorities of a meeting with independent escort model:



  • Direct escort introduction

That means that you have a deal without third part. Your private information is secure, you don't need to share with lot of people.


  • Concreteness

At communication with an independent escort you can precisely know about the prices and service. What is possible and that isn't present.


  • Possibility of fast arrival, just if you want to meet as soon as possible.

You call directly to the girl which you wish to meet. In agency the operator after conversation with you call a girl, to explain meeting's details, that takes additional time.


  • More Groomed and beautifully dressed.

When you ring an escort agency girls donэt have all of your present to her, they share with an agent, very common half of price. Independents can spend more for their beauty. They differ more smaller flow of clients, thereby they remain fresher. Probably therefore the relation with an independent escort is much more pleasant.


  • Escorts for foreigners in Moscow.


For many men important that the girl possessed not only seductive appearance but also could support conversation, isnt it? If she even doesn't speak English or you Russian is not possible. Calling individual escort you can immediately understand she speaks English (IT, FR etc.) or not.


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Alla: 2016-06-25 20:26:45
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Kingston: 2017-09-17 21:28:48
Dear Alla, you are absolutely right. I totally agree with you...
Tyu: 2019-08-10 03:12:26